I pray everyone especially those dear to me will open their eyes that salvation or justification cannot be achieved by good works but by FAITH ALONE. Not a combination of both, but Faith alone in Christ that he has done the work for us and that good works are the fruit of being born again in Christ. We cannot save ourselves. Only Christ can, and He already did by dying on Cross for our sins! We just have to believe in Him. This liberating knowledge is so life changing in me that I pray everyone will experience the freedom and joy of this knowledge.

Paul affirms that the justification comes to us as a gift not as form of a wage were we must earn it. (Romans 4:1-5)

Some may argue that if you are justified by faith alone, will it not give you reason to sin because you are saved anyway if you just believe. Certainly not as Paul says Romans 6. We don’t sin anymore after because we’ve been freed from the slavery of sin thru Christ. we are now a new Creation. And by being in Christ, we are created for Good works and that we should now walk in them (Ephesians 2:8-10).