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“Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a purpose. Even the bad things can have a positive impact, when we open our hearts and accept them as “part of the plan.” When something bad happens, instead of complaining, ask “what does this experience make possible?”.  What a great shift on perspective! Credits to Mr. Michael Hyatt. 🙂  


The choice we all face: click here

Do you know your God?

I know mine. Paul describes him well in Acts 17

  • Is knowable ( vv.: 23,27)
  • Created everything ( v. 24)
  • rules over everything he made ( v. 24-25)
  • Created us ( v. 25)
  • Doesn’t need us ( v. 25)
  • Is our ultimate source of life, sustainanice, meaning, and purpose ( vv. 27-28)
  • Determines times and places that people will live (v.26)
  • Is not like idols of gold, silver, or stone (v. 29)
  • Commands all people to repent (v. 30)
  • Will judge the world (v.31)
  • Confirmed the coming judgement with Jesus’ ressurection (v.31)

(compiled by Randy Newman)

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. -Col 3:2; for our lives are just temporary. Every decision and action should be based on that eternal mindset that ultimately we have to answer to Him.  And that following him should not just come out of an attitude of obligation but out of love and reverence for Him.  And naturally the joy and peace will be fruits of that. 🙂 

Thanks for this reminder Lord.

Money money money


The Bible tells us in Ecclestiastes 5:10 that “the one who loves money is never satisfied with money, and whoever loves wealth [is] never [satisfied] with income. This too is futile.” if money is the only reward of your job you will begin to deteriorate in your life physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. – Dan Miller

– and can I say even your values will change.  Seen this so many times in being in sales. Tsk Tsk.   And my prayer always is I don’t give in to the lure of Money or Wealth and compromise my values and beliefs.  So help me God. 🙂 May I honor You in everything I do.

Job and Calling

Jobs come and go but it should never derail you from your calling. – Dan Miller

Jesus said, you must be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  By this, he meant  that you had to be born once to the world, and once again to the knowledge of God through Him.  I have come to believe that we must be born three times — once to the world, once to God, and once to ourselves.  Because only when we can see who we are and what we stand for — what we want to be about in the world — does every action we take suddenly seem significant.  That is the point at which we have realized a vision for ourselves and our path through this world — a path that defines success. – Laurie Beth Jones

This quote clearly defines where I am now.

It’s been a while since I have been having a question in my mind of why I feel happy and content despite the more pressures at work, difficulties of doing my field work with my expanding belly, swelling feet, and sleepless nights.  I thought of many things like the blessing of having our baby at the perfect timing, my supportive bosses now after a series of.. shall I say.. crappy politics and emotional stress from my previous job, lots of opportunities coming my way, supportive team at work.   All these I’m thankful for.  But really, when I thought about it really hard, I wouldn’t be this happy if I didn’t know my purpose in life. I was truly born again when God showed himself to me and even became more intune with myself when my creator revealed to me what my life is for.  Now truly, as laurie says it, everything I do becomes much more significant and thus, I am content.

Content that doesn’t sit lazily but content thinking that I am where God wants me to be.  When everything that’s happening makes sense.  🙂

We have closed recently a project that is close to my heart: The DSWD‘s NHTS project.  It’s a multimillion project that will impact how our government provides to the 9 Million poor households in the Philippines where 5 Million are considered poorest of the poor and will become beneficiaries of the government’s 4Ps project.  Take note that’s 5 Million HOUSEHOLDS! Multiply it to an average of 5 people per family, that is 25Million people! I am happy that through my job I am helping impact the lives of these people.  There are so many projects in line still which I am very excited about like the project we have with PAG-ASA and DENR about climate change, and the potential solutions we can provide Department of Education and Department of Energy.  They say handling the government in the Philippines is very hard and most sales people will shy away from it.  But as for me, I am excited to cover it because the solutions are exciting and I know I’ll be making a difference in the lives of my fellowmen especially the poor and my country’s environmental state.  I know it will not be easy but I am more hopeful now with the new government.  🙂 and I’m much more purposeful because not only am I following God’s leading in my life but I am creating a better future for my baby Solara.  I’m excited to tell her all the things we can do to help the poor and the environment.  With her name connoting the Sun, I am excited to see how God will use her to brighten people’s lives. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you my little darling.

TED Talks Jacqueline Novogratz tells a moving story of an encounter in a Nairobi slum with Jane, a former prostitute, whose dreams of escaping poverty, of becoming a doctor and of getting married were fulfilled in an unexpected way.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I needed this to be inspired again.  This is a great reminder of how empowering the poor through Aid or Loans will help them get out of poverty.  I truly admire all the Jacquelines of this world.

Why am I here?

For almost 9 years I have been in the IT sales industry.  I’ll be honest I have episodes where I ask myself the purpose of what I’m doing more than earning for myself or my family.  During those times I look at people in the medical industry and instantly I see how they are able to help and make a difference even while earning for themselves.  They make an impact to the people they are treating.  Then I also see people who go out and choose to work for non-profit agencies, for foundations.. trading the comfortable life and potential higher earnings just to help people they don’t know.  I yearn for that.  When I took a break of 5 months from work, I was able to reflect much on why am I here and for the purpose of my life.  I knew I am to make a difference by helping the poor and at the same time helping the environment for my children and the future generations.  And then I was offered a job in a company I wanted to join in 5 months ago.  It was a dillema because I feared I may not have the time to fulfill my calling if I accept the offer.  But I prayed about it and resolved that I can do this at the same time and this will help me and my husband in the much needed capital we need to pursue our dream.  And so I accepted it.  2 and half months in the job, I can say I am happy with my work because I have a great boss who supports me and doesn’t micromanage, colleagues who are helpful and fun to be with and most especially  a partner  (a dedicated Inside Sales Rep who closely works with me) who is patient enough to  bear with my sometimes bossy personality.  But as I have anticipated, I have become too busy to pursue my calling on building that social enterprise for the poor and the environment.  And I have again started asking myself what’s the purpose of selling all these computers, servers, storage, and systems in general.  People can live without it and besides there are far more pressing issues like poverty, hunger and global warming.  There was a time I again struggled going to work.  And then I prayed to God to show me why am I here, why did He place me here?  And then deals started to come in.  Deals that would help the poor and uneducated children.  One deal was for a National Household Targeting System (NHTS) for the Poor which is designed to help qualify the poorest of the poor to become one of the beneficiaries of the money grant program from the government.  Our solution will be the infrastructure that will help run that system.  🙂 Then, next is an educational institution which provides schools, systems that will help rural areas gain access from quality education from the city.  We didn’t win the first phase but the potential of us being able to win the next phase and be part of improving the educational system of the rural people are good enough reasons for me to find purpose in what I do.   And then everything started to make sense, the fact that I’m working for a company who takes saving energy and environment seriously, the opportunity to work on several government agencies to prove that we can win accounts in a clean way.. without bribe or any dirty tactics are all good reasons for me why I was placed here.  I am happy that I’m working for a company that share the same principles that I have and values the same visions.  These all are an affirmation that I am in the right place and I can do more being here.  As they say, in this company, we have “THE POWER TO DO MORE” 😉

In need of a green architect

Please refer if anybody knows a “green architect” for this project:

An environmental NGO working in Lipa City, is set to renovate a building in Tagbakin, Halang, Lipa City, by the shore of Taal Lake to serve as a community training center, with an eventual goal of being a research and monitoring station with interactive displays of Taal Lake information. We are seeking an architect for this project with the following qualifications:


1. Environmental Planner

2. Background in social/community development and work with LGUS

3. Design philosophy/projects that retain, enhance natural landscapes and habitats, with a familiarity with what is wildlife-friendly (both animals and plants)


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