I just watched CNN Heroes of the year. I was greatly touched. All of them are taking whatever they have and are changing the world. Some don’t even have much but they are putting matters in their own hands. Doing whatever they can to help solve a problem, bring back hope and empower the powerless. And now they are changing the world probably more than what most millionaires have. All it takes is just one act, one step of faith, believing that one person can truly make a difference.

I was especially touched by the Hero of the year “Anuradha Koirala”. She’s stopping human trafficking. Saving mostly girls as young as 9-14 years old from prostitution. One victim even gave a testimony that she was given to 25-35 men in a day. She was 9-10 years old that time! and another one says that she doesn’t have a choice else she will be tortured and electrocuted and she was only 14 years old then! That broke my heart.

Anudradha is saving one girl at a time and has saved 14,000 girls since she started. She’s giving them a home and a new hope. I truly admire her.

Let’s support her cause.